Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

For any online business, the reliable and secure payment process is important. paygets provides the best payment processing services for online businesses similar to yours, providing a full suite of complimentary merchant services so as to drive most payment approval efficiency. And, with advanced fraud screening, multiple payment choices and period of time reporting, payget’s payment gateway provides security and peace of mind to merchants of all sizes, industries, locations, and process volumes.

The people who want to start an eCommerce website need a merchant account. You can not receive payments online without a merchant account. The eCommerce business is considered to be high risk as it involves the settlement of transactions online. The high-risk merchant account authenticates the payment process via credit card, debit card, net banking and through other options. A start-up business with no credit card processing is at high risk in the online market. The online business has high chargeback risk. A merchant processor can consider your business as high risk and may not provide the merchant account services.

PCI / DSS certified payment aggregation, High transaction success rates, Seamless integration along with your shopping carts or checkout systems, Ability to recover lost / unsuccessful transactions, Secure verification service to reduce fraud risk, Active observation and risk management, High-Availability with inbuilt redundancies, Superior client service, merchant dashboards for transaction reporting and exceptions, customized offerings to satisfy your specific requirements.

Secure Processing Gateway Protects Your Money

  • Offering the most reasonable rates
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway Security
  • Secure transactions with our advanced fraud prevention systems
  • Maximum Payment Options

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